Microgrid Automation, Micro-Wind Turbines and Rooftop Solar

By Erick C. Jones Jr.

October 10, 2021

This project seeks to restart the MicroGrid Control and Operation project with modern control software and improve the implementation to provide real world energy usage.

MicroGrid Testbed Project is sponsored by Department of Energy, USA. A MicroGrid was built in UTA campus. Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Fuel Cell and Diesel Generator are used as Distributed Generation Source. Also the MicroGrid is capable to connect to Utility Grid so it can be used for both grid-tie and off-grid modes. A smart control system is developed based on National Instruments’ Compact RIO to improve the reliability and stability of the MG. Also, smart SCADA system and protection system are applied to the MG.

Collaborators: Pulsed Power Laboratory, UTA Electrical Engineering Department


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October 10, 2021
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